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Paypal info

PAypal Info
PAYPAL STEP BY STEP Weblink to go to for paypal: https://www.paypal.com/home Step 1: Click on the blue Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the page Step 2: Click the Personal or Business button Step 3: Click the blue continue button Step 4: You will see the Get Started in on the left hand side Step 5: Click on the drop down arrow to choice the country you live in Step 6: Fill in your Email Address Step 7: Fill in your Password Step 8: Fill in the same Password as Step 7 Step 9: Type in the Enter Code from the blue box over the Enter the code box. Step 10: Click the blue continue box Step 11 - 17: Fill in all the boxes with your legal info. If you do not it will not work. Step 18: Fill in the captcha box with the info over it Step 19: MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE BOX NEXT TO YES I'VE RED AND AGREE TO: ----- Step 20: Click the blue button Agree and Create Account Step 21: Click on either Link to bank account or Debit or credit card button Step 22: Put in the details for the one you picked and click continue Step 23: FOLLOW THE STEPS FROM THERE AND MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING!!!!