The Lair

I have had Dj Extreame in the Lair Strip in RLC for 4 yrs

and can not say enough great things about it owner Mr_Paul_Navi. The way

he runs his company is hands down better than any one out there. Running a club as changed alot in the last 4 yrs and one of the best changes has been having your own stream. With my own stream Dj’s can easily change in and out with out delays and Paul with teach them how. So no more awaked pause in your club party with owning your stream.

Paul and his staff are fast at answering questions resovling conflict or issue though there are very few of them. He takes the time to teach

and explain your stream,your auto and even how to Dj for those that have never touched a mic to those that have done it for years. Sure I could get a cheaper steam but I would never get the sevice or the deication that I have with DJ Extreame and Mr Paul Navi. MrsWhiteWolf_SFB Paige