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Very often I hear banter about  the quality of audio beeing presented by various entities. here are articles to consider,3733-19.html


This was Sent to me from whmsonic. Thise shows, Contrary to popular belief, All shoutcast servers have the same sound quality. Please read below.

LiveChat, thank you for your response.

WHMSonic support team update:

The bitrate limit is just for AutoDJ only. The live streams are unlimited as long as you dont activate the bitrate limiter under the WHMSonic root >> WHMSonic Settings. So, simply give the customer 320kbps and tell them that their live stream bitrate limit is 640kbps and they can simply stream at 640kbps by using their stream programs, you dont need to configure any thing, it is on your customers stream programs, they can set 640kbps bitrate limit with their stream programs and it will work.

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