Stream skipping

One of the largest complaints from DJ’s and club owners is ” the stream is skipping” They perceive the  sound cutting in and out as the server not having the internet to connect to them or having issues

Very seldom is this actually the case. Here is what’s really behind these problems.

First off… you cant put  a ” stream” into the software on your pc. The information provided to you by your provider has a port number. That “Port” is the connection from the PC back to the server, which can contain at most 1 stream that all the customers connect to. This also Is why stream hosts know the difference between a “Stream” problem and a end user issue. Since everyone is connecting to the server and its 1 stream if “the stream” is down all the customers will be down. If some customers can connect ‘and  others can’t. It’s not the stream it’s something else. Good concept for troubleshooting.


Second… ” I have 100MB internet speed! don’t tell me its my net!”  Yeah… The issue is you’re streaming FROM your computer not to ie downloading. When you’re streaming you’re uploading and therefore check your internet speed at place like Just the other night i was testing someone’s speed just to show her. Yes her download was 53MB but her upload was only 5MB After running skype, her windows updates downloading her other programs updating…basically 10 MB of crap trying ot go through a 5 MB pipe. Needed to turn some stuff off temporarily and all was good.  This is not to say you need even 5 MB of bandwidth to upload/ stream. Most DJs run 128KB  but even if youre trying to stream at 320 kb thats still far less than 1 MB. So the only thing that would cause skipping would be if there are other things uploading besides you’re  encoder. Things like updates, Skype,, ect and theres a lot that runs in the background.

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