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  • Why Size Textures?


    Very good article on WHY VS… some guy in game told me…. Many THINK merely going by this rule means the ELIMINATION of ”LAG”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although doing this LESSENS the lag and eliminates “Lag due to inappropriate sizing” It does NOT eliminate all Lag. Everything you see on your screen has to be rendered still. There’s a reason you have a GPU (video card). If you don’t believe this try shutting down your computer and running without a video card… (No don’t do that just making the point.
    Everyone’s computer is different…. I often hear… “My computer don’t lag so there’s a problem with your machine otherwise you wouldn’t lag either”. This is completely the wrong way to looks at it. Lag is caused by both “Latency” (Load on your network Downloading the textures you see” and “rendering” the load on the GPU rendering the textures, which depends on both complexity of the textures and size overall in MB. (Plus the inefficiencies added by improper sizing).
    Good places to research this include AMD.com (they bought out ATI) NVIDIA.com and several other well-known tech sites such as tomshardwae,com, maximumpc.com, PCWorld.com .. There’s a bunch of others.