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  • BB_Licious

    I won a stream package at an event at The Lair Strip Club, and I had NO idea what I was going to do with it. It had been in the back of my mind for a while that I thought about learning to DJ, but..I didn’t know where to start.

    MR_Paul_Navi and I got in touch and I told him I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. He was very reassuring and supportive as he got me set up with everything I needed and took me through a tutorial. He didn’t just “tell” me what to do, he asked questions based on what we’d gone over so that I understood why certain things worked (or didn’t work!) the way they did.

    I’ve never done this before but as the days go by, I feel more confident about what I’m doing. I couldn’t have done all of this without Paul. He is the epitome of customer service and because of that, I intend to remain in business with DJ Extreme and MR_Paul_Navi.

    I may not know all there is to know about DJ’ing, but I know quality when I see it. The quality of customer service is unbeatable, and that’s something I can appreciate greatly.

    Thank you MR_Paul_Navi and DJ Extreme!



    i would like to let everyone know I just picked up a stream from mr paul navi and he sat me up and i can run at 320 kb and i am loving the sound I am loving the sound I am getting thankyo paul for your help DJ_HLD_SNS_KCP

  • E_AliceNDU_BHNW

    E_AliceNDU_BHNW just wanting to let everyone know i love my streem from djexstreen. i got it for the black heart dancers home club black hearts on fire.if i have questions i ask mr paul navi he is there to answer it for me if i have a problem i take it to him he fixes it, he always has time for me never put me off. like i said i love my streem from mr paul navi of djexstreem


  • King_Jim_LNS

    J Scanman: I have to be honest, I am a rocker by heart and your stream that you are providing really rocks the house. Paige and Angel are my auctioneers, well actually they completely run the whole show and we get on Skype and they can hear me singing to them….lol, but your stream IS the BEST in comparison to any other auction or club in RLC and I do really look forward to putting my headphones on each and every time and the fact that it is commercial free is a added bonus knowing that it is pure ROCK n ROLL all the time baby!!! and I hope were able to continue to keep the buyers and sellers shakin there booties behind there keyboards…lol in the future.

    J Scanman: King_Jim_LNS, owner of Slaves n Things Auction

  • MR Whitewolf

    Has proven to me though the Lair, there is not better company out there that can provide a better auto dj like the does . Paul was great at explaining and helping me pick the right Auto Dj that was right for my needs. He also explained and taught me how easy it was to upload the music. I wanted to play at WhiteWolf INC. I would have no other provider than DJ Extream in my Bussiness or homes for a music stream. Remember folks you get what you pay for just like here at Whitewolf Inc quiaty realiabe service

    Mr_WhiteWolf_SFB .

  • The Lair

    I have had Dj Extreame in the Lair Strip in RLC for 4 yrs

    and can not say enough great things about it owner Mr_Paul_Navi. The way

    he runs his company is hands down better than any one out there. Running a club as changed alot in the last 4 yrs and one of the best changes has been having your own stream. With my own stream Dj’s can easily change in and out with out delays and Paul with teach them how. So no more awaked pause in your club party with owning your stream.

    Paul and his staff are fast at answering questions resovling conflict or issue though there are very few of them. He takes the time to teach

    and explain your stream,your auto and even how to Dj for those that have never touched a mic to those that have done it for years. Sure I could get a cheaper steam but I would never get the sevice or the deication that I have with DJ Extreame and Mr Paul Navi. MrsWhiteWolf_SFB Paige