Welcome To DJ Extreme we don’t just support DJs we make them! Our company is very different from other stream services, we are a group of Information Technology experts who have over 20 combined years work experience in this field. This is our bread and butter! What does this mean for you? It means we provide you with the best service available. We can support the beginner or have packages designed just for you experts. You are getting a full time partner in your DJ experience. Check out our HTML5 Music players, the first available in RLC!Check out our HTML5 Music players. The first in RLC. No more having listeners having to fumble around with plugins only to end up frustrated and go elseware.

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We have also had a long History with Marvin Glass of Stream Licensing and are beginning a new one with Wes, the new owner. I was the First Stream Host in RLC to have an Association and an account with Stream Licensing.


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Stream Licening Royalties

Instant Tech support: Contact Pauldutcher on Skype and click the button below to install

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